Ganesha Art Journal

Hello my crafty friends,

Let me start of the post by saying “Ganpati Bappa Morya. Pudchya varshi lavkar ya”. In today’s video, I share how to make this beautiful Ganesha art journal with striking colors.

I had so much fun making this page using different techniques like die cutting, distress inking, stenciling and paper piecing. I have also used some embellishments to give the project more life and interest.


To learn how I made this page, watch the video in my blog or at my Youtube channel.

Part 1  


Part 2


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Musical Art journal!

Hi all,
I am back after a long break with a very interesting art journal page. I enjoyed working on this art journal page thoroughly. The song “Kurai Ondrum Illai” meaning “I don’t have any complaints” is one of my all time favorites. Due to some technical difficulties with my camera, I am unable to share more pictures with you. But I am working on fixing the issue and will very soon be back with some nice quality pictures of future projects.

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Happy Valentine’s Day Series Day 2

         Wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day. Hope you guys enjoyed the Day 1 post of Valentine’s day series. Who doesn’t enjoy a  delicious piece of cake or cookies for valentine’s day? But you know that feeling of just wanting to gaze at a yummy looking slice of cake and not eat it. So today’s post is something creative and fun for two different age groups, you and your little one. I got inspired by some online crafts and made these at home. They are a faux cake and two faux cookies.
     I plan on making a tutorial on how to make the faux cake. Please let me know if you are interested by commenting below. And here is the video.

Some pictures of this mouth watering piece of cake and some love sprinkled cookies.

No, they are not edible. They are just for decoration and for spreading some love.  You can make one slice of this cake and mail it to your dear ones for birthdays.
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Teddy in a box!

Hello folks,

Surprise, Surprise! Who doesn’t love surprises?! You can gift this awesome 3D card to anyone of any age. It has so many details in it that it’s hard to take it all in at once. I was asked to make this card by someone who saw my 3D wedding card I made for my brother. They loved the surprise element and asked for something similar. So I went all out with this one and TOTALLY loved it.

Check out the video and see what’s the surprise.

It’s a 2D card which fits in a regular size envelope and opens to a 3D box with pop fun teddy bear and balloons and gift boxes in it. What’s not to love about this little guy. Here are some pictures for you.


Card when closed


Back side of the card with a place to write your message
The open card stands on the table like a display.


The 3 layers inside the pop up card
Checkout the texture of the teddy bear.

Here’s a picture of my very happy customer holding it. Hey, happy customer equals happy me!!

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Stationary Box!

Hello hello…

I am back with one of my favorites this week. Its a stationary organizer. Has there been a time when your desk is a mess and you are looking for a pen and its right there staring at you but you still can’t spot it? I get you. It happens to me ALL THE TIME.. That’s why I came up with a solution.

Let me tell you guys, I am obsessed with organizers and anything that tidies the space up. This little guy has been a life saver for me. This organizer is small, compact, cute and freakin’ functional all in one. No kidding. It holds your stamps that are so tiny and can get lost in any desk; it holds a pen you can grab and write on, it even has space for cards, envelopes, and business cards. You can hold addresses, contacts and birthdays on the little magnetic book.

Now you may tell me any office supply store holds this. Yes, may be. But does it close into this adorable cute box of your favorite color, matching your office decor, or even better with your name on it? I highly doubt. The ones you get at the store sits on your desk occupying space and you want it to just go away when you aren’t using it. Now this little stationary box does that for you. It closes up to this cute little box and hides away everything that needs to be hidden 😉

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Here’s my client using it at her office desk.

Seize the moment- Finale + Video!

Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #8 post

I am back after a break of two blog posts as I had some last minute shipping to do. I promise, you will soon have your eyes on it.
Yay! We are here at the final page of the baby book. Since I missed two posts, I decided to give you a bundle on this one. This post has the last pages and a video coming up. For those of you who are on a time crunch or have missed the baby series posts, scroll down to the end of this post for the video and the links to the other posts from this series.

Check out this page with 12 months of the baby and the cute clock denoting the time of birth.

You can move the hands of the clock to set the time of birth and cherish that moment forever.


The page below is the end cover page and can hold a picture of the whole family and has a huge pocket below.


The end cover of the book has the same wood grain finish as the front. I just love this finish.


Moving on to the video, I just want to let you all know that its my first time recording a video for you guys. So please take it easy on me as I promise to do better with the audio quality next time. Please watch the video and let me know what you thought. Leave me a comment on my blog, youtube or Facebook page and it will mean a lot to me.
Also, let me know if you liked the speed of the video or you would like it shorter. I would like to thank you all for watching my series and hope you enjoyed.


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More series are coming up soon. So stay tuned.

Baby Series #4

Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #3 post.

Happy Monday! This post should lighten your Monday morning mood. Keep reading..

Today we are moving on to the next few pages from the Baby Book. The first page has a stork holding a baby peeking its head out on  top of a vintage pinkish plum colored picture frame. The sentiment below says “Sent from Heaven”.

The second half of the page is all about the stats of the new born. The flowers are punched out and the eye and hair colors are distressed.

The second and third pages hold all the FIRSTS of the baby. Everything he/she figured how to do for the very first time. The parents would want to hold on to it forever.
Each one of these flip open as cards and has space to hold a picture of the baby and for the parents to write all about the moment.
A closer look pagewise

Some of these cards hold small embellishments even inside. Like this one below, the first food card has a baby bottle outside and a matching baby bib inside.

The other side of the layout has 6 more firsts. As you can see I left 3 of those empty for the parents to fill. Hey, each baby is different after all. The parents can brag about their little kiddo here.
Here is a list of firsts:
  • 1st night home with a little moon on a cloud and a heart.
  • 1st food on a blush pink and gold banner and blue baby bottle. 
  • 1st haircut with scissors.
  • 1st bath with a baby having bubble bath and a rubber ducky.
  • 1st car ride with a 3d car embellishment.
  • 1st stroll with a 3d stroller embellishment.
  • 1st tooth with a shiny smilie tooth.
  • 1st steps with two 3d baby boots.
Each of these cards are secured using strings. I did this coz it gets easier to hold up more pictures in case it gets bulky.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for the next series post to see more pages from the book. 
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