A deLIGHTful Birthday Card!

Today I have a very fun interactive card for you all. I am making a light up card for my niece’s birthday. I used a stamp set from Your Next Stamp which has cute beakers and a light bulb. Check out the video to see how I put the Chibitronics circuit together and made this interactive card.


Here are a few pictures.



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Happy Navratri card!

Hello friends,

Wish you all a very happy Navratri and happy Dussera! Today I have for you a very colorful and festive card you can make for practically any occasion. I have made this quick and simple card using only two colors so that you can replicate them in multiples for all your friends and family.

Please check out the video below, and don’t forget to drop in a comment if you liked this card.



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Happy Fall Critter Card

Hi friends,

Fall is finally here. I love the beautiful weather of fall and all the colors that nature surprises us with in this season. To celebrate and welcome fall, I have made a fun critters fall card today. Checkout the video and all the pictures below of today’s card.





Musical Art journal!

Hi all,
I am back after a long break with a very interesting art journal page. I enjoyed working on this art journal page thoroughly. The song “Kurai Ondrum Illai” meaning “I don’t have any complaints” is one of my all time favorites. Due to some technical difficulties with my camera, I am unable to share more pictures with you. But I am working on fixing the issue and will very soon be back with some nice quality pictures of future projects.

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Stationary Box!

Hello hello…

I am back with one of my favorites this week. Its a stationary organizer. Has there been a time when your desk is a mess and you are looking for a pen and its right there staring at you but you still can’t spot it? I get you. It happens to me ALL THE TIME.. That’s why I came up with a solution.

Let me tell you guys, I am obsessed with organizers and anything that tidies the space up. This little guy has been a life saver for me. This organizer is small, compact, cute and freakin’ functional all in one. No kidding. It holds your stamps that are so tiny and can get lost in any desk; it holds a pen you can grab and write on, it even has space for cards, envelopes, and business cards. You can hold addresses, contacts and birthdays on the little magnetic book.

Now you may tell me any office supply store holds this. Yes, may be. But does it close into this adorable cute box of your favorite color, matching your office decor, or even better with your name on it? I highly doubt. The ones you get at the store sits on your desk occupying space and you want it to just go away when you aren’t using it. Now this little stationary box does that for you. It closes up to this cute little box and hides away everything that needs to be hidden 😉

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Here’s my client using it at her office desk.

Seize the moment- Finale + Video!

Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #8 post

I am back after a break of two blog posts as I had some last minute shipping to do. I promise, you will soon have your eyes on it.
Yay! We are here at the final page of the baby book. Since I missed two posts, I decided to give you a bundle on this one. This post has the last pages and a video coming up. For those of you who are on a time crunch or have missed the baby series posts, scroll down to the end of this post for the video and the links to the other posts from this series.

Check out this page with 12 months of the baby and the cute clock denoting the time of birth.

You can move the hands of the clock to set the time of birth and cherish that moment forever.


The page below is the end cover page and can hold a picture of the whole family and has a huge pocket below.


The end cover of the book has the same wood grain finish as the front. I just love this finish.


Moving on to the video, I just want to let you all know that its my first time recording a video for you guys. So please take it easy on me as I promise to do better with the audio quality next time. Please watch the video and let me know what you thought. Leave me a comment on my blog, youtube or Facebook page and it will mean a lot to me.
Also, let me know if you liked the speed of the video or you would like it shorter. I would like to thank you all for watching my series and hope you enjoyed.


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More series are coming up soon. So stay tuned.

Baby Series #8

Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #7 post

For those of us who wish we were babies again, remember babies have a busier schedule than most of us. They are the fastest learners and are observing and grasping almost everything they see, touch and smell all at the same time. So let’s take a peek at their busy day lying around while managing to keep their parents on their toes.

Write all about what they love doing, what’s their favorite toy and also their favorite dress. 
On the other side of this we have more dets on the baby’s life, what makes them happy and so on.
This little page opens up to hold pictures and journaling inside.
Stay tuned for the next series post to see more pages from the book. 
To read the other posts from this series click the links below:
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