Happy Fall Critter Card

Hi friends,

Fall is finally here. I love the beautiful weather of fall and all the colors that nature surprises us with in this season. To celebrate and welcome fall, I have made a fun critters fall card today. Checkout the video and all the pictures below of today’s card.





Baby Series #4

Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #3 post.

Happy Monday! This post should lighten your Monday morning mood. Keep reading..

Today we are moving on to the next few pages from the Baby Book. The first page has a stork holding a baby peeking its head out on  top of a vintage pinkish plum colored picture frame. The sentiment below says “Sent from Heaven”.

The second half of the page is all about the stats of the new born. The flowers are punched out and the eye and hair colors are distressed.

The second and third pages hold all the FIRSTS of the baby. Everything he/she figured how to do for the very first time. The parents would want to hold on to it forever.
Each one of these flip open as cards and has space to hold a picture of the baby and for the parents to write all about the moment.
A closer look pagewise

Some of these cards hold small embellishments even inside. Like this one below, the first food card has a baby bottle outside and a matching baby bib inside.

The other side of the layout has 6 more firsts. As you can see I left 3 of those empty for the parents to fill. Hey, each baby is different after all. The parents can brag about their little kiddo here.
Here is a list of firsts:
  • 1st night home with a little moon on a cloud and a heart.
  • 1st food on a blush pink and gold banner and blue baby bottle. 
  • 1st haircut with scissors.
  • 1st bath with a baby having bubble bath and a rubber ducky.
  • 1st car ride with a 3d car embellishment.
  • 1st stroll with a 3d stroller embellishment.
  • 1st tooth with a shiny smilie tooth.
  • 1st steps with two 3d baby boots.
Each of these cards are secured using strings. I did this coz it gets easier to hold up more pictures in case it gets bulky.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for the next series post to see more pages from the book. 
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Friend Card!

Hi guys,

     I know I promised a card for school. But it’s getting a little delayed coz USPS apparently takes longer than I thought to reach a mail from the east coast to the west coast.
        While we are all waiting for the new release, here’s a friends card for you all. Our dear friend is in town and there could be no better way to meet her on a summer Friday evening than with this happy happy sunshine card.

Perfect for our friend Karen who is such a sunshine! Can’t wait to meet her.