Disney_Mickey Card

Hi Friends,

Here is a fun video for you guys. I made a Disney themed card for my friend who is going to Disney World. I thought I should share this quick card with you guys.

So here it is.


img_5972                                 img_5976

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A memorable trip to India – Part 1

Hi guys,

    I am back after a long vacation from India. This trip was filled with festivals, celebrations, a lot of travel accompanied with a whole lot of desi food! What more could you want from a trip to the Indi..
I would like to share some fond moments of this trip with all of you. Hope you enjoy!

Today I am posting only a few pictures from all the shopping from this trip.

  Having landed in Mumbai, I had to hit the streets and do some hands on bargaining. Catching up with old friends and having them take sick leave just to hang out with you makes you feel special.

Shopping at Linking Road with a friend

With chuddy buddies after years

If you are in or near Chennai and you love Kanchipuram silk sarees this is a place you just can’t miss.  And if it’s your first time around, be prepared to invest in a good 3-4 hours to pick a saree.

A trip to Kanchipuram is always rewarding

Love the colorful Rajasthani skirts

The next part of the series is going to be filled with Food and travel. So stay tuned.

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Travel Photo Album

Hi Guys, I am back with another photo album, this time it’s travel album. This is perfect for anyone who likes to go on vacations which is pretty much everyone. Please check out the video below of all the details in every page and let me know how you liked it.

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Baby Series #7

Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #6 post.
 These days babies get social media attention more than anyone. How many likes and comments do you put on Facebook and Twitter for your friends who have just become new parents? Any parent would want to hold on to those wishes even though they are electronic these days. Hey physical evidence is always better, in case Facebook decides to take all your wishes down someday.
These two pages are all about Social Media. We have The Times Of India layout on one side and social media layout on the other.
The right side is The Times of India front page with Mr. Obama on one side and Cricketer Yuvraj on the other. The headlines reads “A star has emerged today” and place for a picture.
It has little details about the day like, Today’s weather and gas price on the side bar. The Breaking news section has tidbits about Today’s news, Leaders today and In theaters today. I would like to thank my bestie Gayathri here for helping me with this layout. All I had to tell her was make this soon to come baby the headlines and she made the magic happen. She is the best!
On the left side we come to all the social media sites. There is a place to write all about your status update on Facebook or Twitter. The journal card has “You are so loved” written on it. A picture of your little one’s first social media appearance would fit perfectly in that polaroid photo frame.
The second half of the page holds a pocket with a huge Insta sweet icon. This is a perfect place to preserve the screenshots of your social media pages.

Can you see those zillion shiny cameras at the background? That’s paparazzi guys! *wink*. How fun was today’s layout. I just love it.
Stay tuned for the next series post to see more pages from the book. 
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Shipment day!

       In between the cutesy baby series, guess what day it is today?! It’s shipment day. I am just back from the post office after shipping some really cool handmade albums and fun things. I am so happy that I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all.

A little sneak peek of what went inside these boxes.

Ain’t that cute?


To know what the books looked like and all about it, keep reading the on going baby series. I want to thank the two recipients of these boxes who trusted me in making their memories more sweet!

Friend Card!

Hi guys,

     I know I promised a card for school. But it’s getting a little delayed coz USPS apparently takes longer than I thought to reach a mail from the east coast to the west coast.
        While we are all waiting for the new release, here’s a friends card for you all. Our dear friend is in town and there could be no better way to meet her on a summer Friday evening than with this happy happy sunshine card.

Perfect for our friend Karen who is such a sunshine! Can’t wait to meet her.