Happy Valentine’s Day Series Day 2

         Wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day. Hope you guys enjoyed the Day 1 post of Valentine’s day series. Who doesn’t enjoy a  delicious piece of cake or cookies for valentine’s day? But you know that feeling of just wanting to gaze at a yummy looking slice of cake and not eat it. So today’s post is something creative and fun for two different age groups, you and your little one. I got inspired by some online crafts and made these at home. They are a faux cake and two faux cookies.
     I plan on making a tutorial on how to make the faux cake. Please let me know if you are interested by commenting below. And here is the video.

Some pictures of this mouth watering piece of cake and some love sprinkled cookies.

No, they are not edible. They are just for decoration and for spreading some love.  You can make one slice of this cake and mail it to your dear ones for birthdays.
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Happy Valentine’s Day Series Day 1

Hi guys,

It’s the time of the year when we all express our love to our loved ones and our friends and family. I am eager to share with you all some handmade canvases and a handmade card for this valentines day.

So here are two different versions of the canvases. The first one is of a young couple showered with love.

I love the tiny details of her sparkling earring and her beaded belt. The intricate corners of the canvas brings the whole canvas together. The 3 dominant colors used are black, white and red which is so simple yet brings so much color and love to the picture.

The second version of this is that of a more classy looking older couple. The elegance is brought through the rich attire of the gentleman in a suit and the lady in a gown with her hair tied up. I have added little sparkle in her ring and her hairdo has red beads. 

Let’s see both the canvases side by side. The so in love young couple and the matured and totally in love older couple.

With these two canvases I made a wedding card with some really intricate design. I made the card in a beautiful plum color with a contrast beige background and to tie it all together I used a rich satin ribbon. 

The intricate lace design layering the beige has a shiny finish to it making it more rich and festive.

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Baby Series #6

TGIF guys! Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #5 post.

    Today’s layout is all about Mommy & Daddy! Moms & dads have their own little tiffs claiming that the baby has taken after them. This is just a proof for the baby to see for itself, whom he/she has taken after.

The set of questions are identical for both mom and dad. So no fighting over that! The left page says Mommy its you & me and the right says Daddy its you & me.

   I am not going to crowd this post by writing each question here. Just a few should give you the idea.
  • Mommy’s full name 
  • Mommy’s nick name
  • Where was she born
  • Which school did she go to
  • What does mom call me 

The three circles open up and have spaces for journaling and pictures inside. so this layout can hold from 6-12 pictures. You can even stick baby pictures of the parents and the baby showing resemblance.
I have added a little sticker on top of each page saying “So Cute” for mommy and “So Cool” for the daddy page. Below each page, I have added borders of little baby elephants holding on to each other and on the other side its a row of hearts.
Stay tuned for the next series post to see more pages from the book. 
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