Happy Teacher’s day!

Wishing all my teachers a very Happy Teacher’s day! This day is so special as it’s the only day we get to give back to our teachers who have given us so much. They teach you and guide you to the right path without expecting anything in return. Incredible! I want to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers for grooming me and making me who I am today. And the least I could do for all that love and guidance is show them my gratitude through this card.

To all my wonderful teachers, this is for you.



This card has so much hidden meaning. The background is filled with tiny anchors which I think our teachers are for us. They make sure you stay in the right path always just like an anchor.
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Seize the moment- Finale + Video!

Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #8 post

I am back after a break of two blog posts as I had some last minute shipping to do. I promise, you will soon have your eyes on it.
Yay! We are here at the final page of the baby book. Since I missed two posts, I decided to give you a bundle on this one. This post has the last pages and a video coming up. For those of you who are on a time crunch or have missed the baby series posts, scroll down to the end of this post for the video and the links to the other posts from this series.

Check out this page with 12 months of the baby and the cute clock denoting the time of birth.

You can move the hands of the clock to set the time of birth and cherish that moment forever.


The page below is the end cover page and can hold a picture of the whole family and has a huge pocket below.


The end cover of the book has the same wood grain finish as the front. I just love this finish.


Moving on to the video, I just want to let you all know that its my first time recording a video for you guys. So please take it easy on me as I promise to do better with the audio quality next time. Please watch the video and let me know what you thought. Leave me a comment on my blog, youtube or Facebook page and it will mean a lot to me.
Also, let me know if you liked the speed of the video or you would like it shorter. I would like to thank you all for watching my series and hope you enjoyed.


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More series are coming up soon. So stay tuned.

Baby Series #6

TGIF guys! Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #5 post.

    Today’s layout is all about Mommy & Daddy! Moms & dads have their own little tiffs claiming that the baby has taken after them. This is just a proof for the baby to see for itself, whom he/she has taken after.

The set of questions are identical for both mom and dad. So no fighting over that! The left page says Mommy its you & me and the right says Daddy its you & me.

   I am not going to crowd this post by writing each question here. Just a few should give you the idea.
  • Mommy’s full name 
  • Mommy’s nick name
  • Where was she born
  • Which school did she go to
  • What does mom call me 

The three circles open up and have spaces for journaling and pictures inside. so this layout can hold from 6-12 pictures. You can even stick baby pictures of the parents and the baby showing resemblance.
I have added a little sticker on top of each page saying “So Cute” for mommy and “So Cool” for the daddy page. Below each page, I have added borders of little baby elephants holding on to each other and on the other side its a row of hearts.
Stay tuned for the next series post to see more pages from the book. 
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Baby Shower Party Favors (Baby Series #2)

   Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #1 post. Now that we have our invitations out of the way, lets move on to planning some awesome party. Gifts and pampering is assured. But to make the Baby shower a success we need to redress our space to make our guests feel like partying. So here’s our party favor cupcake holders to get the party rollin’.

      This cupcake holder is the PURRRFFEECTTT way to say “Bun in the oven” or should i say “Cupcake in the oven”.  These are pink in color as I made them for a darling friend who bakes some yummilicious cupcakes. She ordered a baby book (Hint: Coming next in the series *wink*) and i thought won’t it be just awesome for her to bake one of her handmade cupcakes and give it to the expecting mom inside this warm oven? For those of you wondering how big this is, the dimensions of this box is 3 x 3 x 3 inches. It is sturdy enough to hold a cupcake and even cookies as my baker friend suggested. If you want to add a TON of frosting on your cupcake and want me to make the dimensions bigger I can absolutely do it for you.

The oven door has a clear sheet on it to keep the cupcake safe and also allows a little sneak peak of what flavors you like. I have added Congratulations to the handle of the oven door as this is a box for the mother. But if you want it for a baby shower we can make it say anything you want, like my friend wants some of these and might want to put her shop name on it (she is still deciding on that). The back side of the oven has space for a little personal message too. 
These cupcake boxes are not exclusively for baby showers. They can even be a birthday party favor or you can add little candies inside for friends to carry with them when they leave. And yes my indian friends, it can hold indian sweets too.
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I want to thank Marzi for sharing and inspiring me to make this adorable looking cupcake holders.
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Get Cool For School


It’s back to school time! Getting back to school can be stressful for kids. Hey parents, good news. These super cute lunch note tags will let your kids know you are thinking of them even during your hectic day at work. Now, won’t that be cool?

Here are the school lunch tags I made for our awesome nieces. The back side of the tags are left empty for their mommy to fill in and surprise them during their lunch hour. I of course, had to make a card to go along with the lunch tags to write a small personal message for those cute kiddos. 

Personalized lunch tags are fun for the kids to show their friends even.

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Stay tuned for more themed lunch cards.