Stationary Box!

Hello hello…

I am back with one of my favorites this week. Its a stationary organizer. Has there been a time when your desk is a mess and you are looking for a pen and its right there staring at you but you still can’t spot it? I get you. It happens to me ALL THE TIME.. That’s why I came up with a solution.

Let me tell you guys, I am obsessed with organizers and anything that tidies the space up. This little guy has been a life saver for me. This organizer is small, compact, cute and freakin’ functional all in one. No kidding. It holds your stamps that are so tiny and can get lost in any desk; it holds a pen you can grab and write on, it even has space for cards, envelopes, and business cards. You can hold addresses, contacts and birthdays on the little magnetic book.

Now you may tell me any office supply store holds this. Yes, may be. But does it close into this adorable cute box of your favorite color, matching your office decor, or even better with your name on it? I highly doubt. The ones you get at the store sits on your desk occupying space and you want it to just go away when you aren’t using it. Now this little stationary box does that for you. It closes up to this cute little box and hides away everything that needs to be hidden ūüėČ

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Here’s my client using it at her office desk.

Celebrate Ur Birthday @ Work !

     Work Hard, Party Harder! What a fun way to party at work. Give your coworker, your boss or a good friend a birthday card and deserve that piece of cake!
¬† ¬† ¬†¬†I made this card for my husband’s¬†colleague’s birthday and she loved it.

‚ô•Thinking of you Lunch Note Cards!‚ô•

             Its the week after July 4th long weekend. And i know how it feels to go to work and back to routine for some of you. Hey what if there is a small way to make this work week a little more fun?
             Lunch note cards are the cutest way to catch up with your loved ones in today’s busy world. Quickly slip in a special handmade lunch note card with your personalized message, inside the lunch box and within seconds you convey a heartfelt message to your dear ones. A pack of 5 cards is perfect for tagging along for a workweek.
¬† I made these for a friend’s new job. Hence the office theme. Her parents wrote her little notes and it brought so much joy to her during her hectic work days. Purpose served!

Can you see your loved ones smiling when they open their lunch boxes in the afternoon?

Stay tuned for more fun themes like Love cards for your spouse, school cards for your li’l ones and much more.