Happy Valentine’s Day Series Day 1

Hi guys,

It’s the time of the year when we all express our love to our loved ones and our friends and family. I am eager to share with you all some handmade canvases and a handmade card for this valentines day.

So here are two different versions of the canvases. The first one is of a young couple showered with love.

I love the tiny details of her sparkling earring and her beaded belt. The intricate corners of the canvas brings the whole canvas together. The 3 dominant colors used are black, white and red which is so simple yet brings so much color and love to the picture.

The second version of this is that of a more classy looking older couple. The elegance is brought through the rich attire of the gentleman in a suit and the lady in a gown with her hair tied up. I have added little sparkle in her ring and her hairdo has red beads. 

Let’s see both the canvases side by side. The so in love young couple and the matured and totally in love older couple.

With these two canvases I made a wedding card with some really intricate design. I made the card in a beautiful plum color with a contrast beige background and to tie it all together I used a rich satin ribbon. 

The intricate lace design layering the beige has a shiny finish to it making it more rich and festive.

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A memorable trip to India – Part 3

 Hi guys,

        This last and final post of the series is the reason I went to India in the first place; to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. It is done as ceremony to renew the couple’s vows as per south indian traditions (Sashtyapthapoorthi). We had a lot of fun prepping for the wedding and at the wedding. We also had a small photo shoot after the wedding. I am sharing a few pictures with you all.
   You know you are all set to celebrate when you have beautiful mehendi drawn on your hands. You feel extra special when your dad or husband feeds you food while you enjoy the beauty of the henna design and the aroma of mehendi. My mom being the bride chose peacock designs for both of us. Here are a few pictures.
     Let us now set the stage for the bride and groom to tie the knot once again and watch them say “I still do.”

And they finally tie the knot.

A few pictures now from the photo shoot after the wedding.

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Card in a box!

Wedding season is on.. A stand alone card capturing the beauty of Indian weddings with its vibrant colors is always a happy feeling! This card was for a very dear person and the couple loved the card.

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