A deLIGHTful Birthday Card!

Today I have a very fun interactive card for you all. I am making a light up card for my niece’s birthday. I used a stamp set from Your Next Stamp which has cute beakers and a light bulb. Check out the video to see how I put the Chibitronics circuit together and made this interactive card.


Here are a few pictures.



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Rainbow card!

Hi all,

Today I am posting a birthday card I made for a special person in our family. I love the bright colors showing through the white outer layer of the butterfly in this fun card.

I am submitting my card for Virginia’s View Challenge #24.. Focal Point

img_2666img_2667Hope you liked this card and got inspired. See you in the next post!

Falling leaves Card

Hi Friends,

Continuing our fall season celebrations, here is a fall card. I have used the maple leaves stamp and distress inks. I have used two different sets of distress inks for the two different cards shown below. One has the smaller maple leaves with veins seen and the other maple leaf stamp is a block stamp. I had a lot of fun making this fall card. You can watch the video below or on my YouTube channel.


Here are some close up pictures of the cards.


I love this quote.


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Happy Fall Critter Card

Hi friends,

Fall is finally here. I love the beautiful weather of fall and all the colors that nature surprises us with in this season. To celebrate and welcome fall, I have made a fun critters fall card today. Checkout the video and all the pictures below of today’s card.





Ganesha Art Journal

Hello my crafty friends,

Let me start of the post by saying “Ganpati Bappa Morya. Pudchya varshi lavkar ya”. In today’s video, I share how to make this beautiful Ganesha art journal with striking colors.

I had so much fun making this page using different techniques like die cutting, distress inking, stenciling and paper piecing. I have also used some embellishments to give the project more life and interest.


To learn how I made this page, watch the video in my blog or at my Youtube channel.

Part 1  


Part 2


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Happy Teacher’s day!

Wishing all my teachers a very Happy Teacher’s day! This day is so special as it’s the only day we get to give back to our teachers who have given us so much. They teach you and guide you to the right path without expecting anything in return. Incredible! I want to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers for grooming me and making me who I am today. And the least I could do for all that love and guidance is show them my gratitude through this card.

To all my wonderful teachers, this is for you.



This card has so much hidden meaning. The background is filled with tiny anchors which I think our teachers are for us. They make sure you stay in the right path always just like an anchor.
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Baby Series #5

Happy Hump day! Hope you had fun reading the Baby series #4 post.

Let’s move on to the next pages of the book today. Measuring a baby’s growth is so exciting. You meet any parent (even mine), they will tell you how fast their baby grew up. How tiny you were once and look at you now. If you have said it to someone else about your baby, congratulations, you are already a great parent.
 Do you wanna compare your baby’s growth to how little he/she was when they first came into this world versus today? Today’s double side layout will let you see for yourself.

Let’s go into the details of each page.
Left Page

The title reads  Love Beyond Measure”. Below that is a growth chart with a scale pointing out to each month of the baby’s first year. Of course, I had to put in the Giraffe to show how tall they have grown.

Here’s a closer look at the growth chart.
It has 3 columns with headings weight, length and milestones. All you have to do is write in your baby stats and be amazed at how fast your baby grew up.
     Now coming to the right side of the layout, as I said you can actually see how tiny they were when  you first saw them. 
It is such a simple layout but imagine baby hand and feet prints in each one of those spots. The title is right in the middle and reads “Tiny Blessings”.
That’s it for today. Stay tuned for the next series post to see more pages from the book. 
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Get Cool For School


It’s back to school time! Getting back to school can be stressful for kids. Hey parents, good news. These super cute lunch note tags will let your kids know you are thinking of them even during your hectic day at work. Now, won’t that be cool?

Here are the school lunch tags I made for our awesome nieces. The back side of the tags are left empty for their mommy to fill in and surprise them during their lunch hour. I of course, had to make a card to go along with the lunch tags to write a small personal message for those cute kiddos. 

Personalized lunch tags are fun for the kids to show their friends even.

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Stay tuned for more themed lunch cards.

Friend Card!

Hi guys,

     I know I promised a card for school. But it’s getting a little delayed coz USPS apparently takes longer than I thought to reach a mail from the east coast to the west coast.
        While we are all waiting for the new release, here’s a friends card for you all. Our dear friend is in town and there could be no better way to meet her on a summer Friday evening than with this happy happy sunshine card.

Perfect for our friend Karen who is such a sunshine! Can’t wait to meet her.

Celebrate Ur Birthday @ Work !

     Work Hard, Party Harder! What a fun way to party at work. Give your coworker, your boss or a good friend a birthday card and deserve that piece of cake!
      I made this card for my husband’s colleague’s birthday and she loved it.